Who is WMRA?

We’re a powerful alliance that meets diverse recycling demands worldwide.

WM Recycle America currently operates nearly 100 recycling plants and provides marketing services for more than 140 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, we operate one plastics recycling facility and 3 electronics recycling facilities. All of which enables us to offer high-quality recyclables to consumers worldwide.

Our powerful alliance has extensive global resources, enabling us to better meet the needs of everybody involved in recycling – from individuals who place their recyclables at the curb in their communities to companies that reprocess those materials into new products that they market throughout the world.

We have more service specialists to meet the diverse demands of businesses that generate recyclables. And more ways to handle glass, plastics, metal and numerous grades of paper.

We have more industry experts to create adaptable and affordable recycling programs. More national sales professionals, with a presence in mills worldwide, to support the pricing and reliability goals of both generators and end users.

We also offer a multitude of locations to lower your transportation costs and trading services to help you stabilize the price of your commodities.

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